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Mobile Apps and Stand Alone

By far, the biggest emerging Applications are mobile. We are able to create Mobile Apps purposeful to your business and customer base, whether you are a startup or a large multi-national company, our Mobile Apps are designed with mobile operating systems at their heart, and can be designed for;

● Android OS

● iPhone OS / iOS

● Windows Mobile OS

● BlackBerry OS

At alt-d we offer an extensive range of App Development services. If you are you looking for a simple non-integrated, or one-off trial App, we offer a stand-alone service which would be perfect to kick start your business or offer period.

Distributed and Bespoke Apps

Distributed Apps are great if you are looking to change a process internally. These are Apps or software that will run on multiple computers simultaneously in real time and can be stored either on a server or in the cloud. Much like our web development and website design services, we offer bespoke Application Development. We can build an App entirely tailored to your business or consult on and improve existing Apps and software to optimise your workflow and user experience..

Integration and API’s

All the Apps we develop at alt-d have the ability to link with your current systems to enable a fully integrated business system. We look at the software and systems you already have and fit in your new App via our API’s. We have API’s to suit any business model, including integration with;

  •  PayPal
  • Bespoke Till Systems
  • eBay
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Amazon
  • EPOS including Stipe
  •  Sage
  • Quickbooks
  • Other Cloud-Based Services

All are adaptable to your in-house existing systems and other mobile and tablet applications.